Question To Ask Yourself

1. What methods have you taken to prevent/mitigate hazards?
2. What type of communication will be available after a disaster?
3. Do you have pictures to locate loved ones or pets?
4. Do you have an extra pair of glasses or medication?
5. Have you completed the list of names of important family and important contact numbers?
6. Have you chosen one person from out of state to contact for safety?
7. What is the city’s plan in case of an emergency?
8. Do you know how to use a fire extinguisher? Where is the nearest fire extinguisher located?
9. Have you included special supplies for babies, children, seniors, adults with disabilities, and pets?
10. What do you think you need? What do you already have?
12. Do you have a fire escape plan?
13. Do you have a family emergency plan?
14. Do you have a 72-hour supplies kit?
15. Do you have a 72-hour food kit?
16. Do you have a to-go bag?
17. What is HAM or Amateur Radio?
18. Do you have an office emergency kit?
19. Do you have an emergency kit for your car?
20. What other alternative energy and water sources do you have as resources?
21. What can you trade or barter?

Ask yourself and be ready for any emergencies 24/7.